Our Values

Professional and ethical standards are the basis of everything we do.

Quality Auditing Representatives exhibit non-negotiable values that contribute to our continued success. These values help ensure that our team approaches every engagement with the highest professional and ethical standards. As part of this commitment to ethics, we reserve the right to refuse work that may be deemed a potential conflict of interest.

  • Customer Service:
    Treats customers – both internal and external – as number one priority. Is courteous and responsive to all customers’ needs.
  • Passionate:
    Demonstrates boundless enthusiasm to “get it right” for the customer. Goes beyond the status quo.
  • Integrity: 
    Adheres to the highest standards of ethics in the delivery of our services. Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.
  • Results Oriented: 
    Is passionate about achieving results for the customer. Sets goals and celebrates progress. Promotes accountability and accepts responsibility.
  • Team Player: 
    Places team goals higher than individual priorities. Stands behind team decisions.
  • Self Motivated: 
    Has a bias towards action over complacency. Committed to self-development.
  • Reliable: 
    Dependable. Strong work ethic. Can be counted on for mission critical activities.
  • Professional: 
    Has high standards for performance, customer service, code of conduct, and appearance. Shows respect for all fellow employees.